Greatest Balcony Ever

October 14th, 2009 (Posted bY )

I don’t know wear this house is, but is has the greatest view of a balcony that you will fin anywhere.

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I need to get to the beach

August 12th, 2009 (Posted bY )

I am not a beach guy because I don’t like the crowds and sand just gets everywhere, but if I can find the beach where she hangs out with those on display I will change my mind!


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Wild Wednesday

June 3rd, 2009 (Posted bY )

Wild Wednesday returns with some fine amateur tail just ready to get wild. Some of the tail is well on it’s way to getting wild a second time around, but we will allow that because here at FuntasticusNSFW we don’t believe in holding back our ladies.  I know  a lot of you complain about surgically enhanced women so I tried to make sure I got some great natural fun bags for you to admire.


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Tank Top and a Bandana can look very sexy

May 21st, 2009 (Posted bY )

I think I have figured out a way to get my lazy ass into the gym on a daily basis.  This hot blonde has to be there wearing this outfit and after each set I complete she will reveal a bit more of herself.  I figure I should be able to blast through a complete one hour workout in like 8 minutes with that kind of incentive.


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Tasty Tuesday

May 19th, 2009 (Posted bY )

Tasty Tuesday i so mouth watering tis week that some people couldn’t wait to go in for a taste.  Don’t work not all the ladies have been sampled so feel free to enjoy some of your own.


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Tempting Thursday

May 14th, 2009 (Posted bY )

Tempting Thursday is just making it in under the midnight hour on the east coast and you can blame the god damn Celtics for that!  Can’t they win a series in under 7 games just once????  After I calmed down from watching that game I started my posting and think I created a nice collection of tempting ladies for your enjoyment.  I got tempting blondes,  soapy girls, girl on girl, oily girls,girls on their back , and girls on all fours.


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Rosie Jones and Danielle Lloyd go Nuts

March 27th, 2009 (Posted bY )

I love Nuts magazine.  The latest issue featured the always sexy Danielle Lloyd and recent new comer Rosie Jones playing together. The UK knows how to put out a quality must read magazine.  I mean look these picture have some word next to them so don’t say I only post these for the chest bunnies.  I am trying to broaden your knowledge of international affairs.    I mean look Rosie comments on Obama’s package — that’s politics people!


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Torok Dora gets naughty for CKM

March 19th, 2009 (Posted bY )

Don’t ask me what anything in this magazine says because I don’t give a shit.  What I do care about is the amazing body on this Hungarian model, Torok Dora, and her ability to make naughtiness look so good in CKM.  For all I know that isn’t even her name, but it is on the cover so I am going with it.  If someone knows anything about her please shoot us a line so we can post some more.  We love the big titties at Funtasticus NSFW!


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Fun girls to party with

March 18th, 2009 (Posted bY )

If you are going to go out to the bars and clubs you need to find some ladies so you don’t have to worry about any lines.  Now this may sound easy, but the more whorish the girls the fast the line moves for you.  Take these girls below.  They really go the extra mile to look slutty.  You have skimpy clothing, no bra, girl on girl kissing, ass flashing, and of course showing off the melons for all he admire.


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