Nothing like sending your kids to college

August 4th, 2009 (Posted bY )

Parents have to be proud when they send their kids off to college in order for them to get the advantages they never got growing up.  I wonder how they feel when they find out they were a star or extra in a college porn?


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Wild Wednesday

May 13th, 2009 (Posted bY )

I really enjoy Wild Wednesday posts. They have such a wide range of fum pictures that you just have to smile. We have girls being naughty by themselves, with toys, with friends, and just having some good times.  When you see someone enjoying themselves this much you have to appreciate the effort they are putting out to please. These ladies should all get medals or some sort of pearl necklace.


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Weekends go too fast

April 12th, 2009 (Posted bY )

Since weekend just fly by and we have to get back to work, school, or just the real world I thought it important to remind you what we look forward to come Friday thru Sunday.  I just hope these naught naked amatuer hotties will be enough to keep your mind focused on the prize in front you.  Be strong!


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Get naked and win a trophy

March 24th, 2009 (Posted bY )

Growing up you get involved with various sports teams, plays, and clubs.  Now most of these organization hand out plaques or trophies at the end of the year to recognize all the hard work you put into whatever you were doing.  Not only that you usually got a nice little dinner to celebrate. Well what happens when you are a 20 something year old woman and those days are long gone, but you miss the recognition that cam with getting a plastic trophy?  Well simple solution is to take off all your clothes near some random field, get judged by a group of men with no actual judging experience, and everyone gets a trophy!  I think that is fair, but how do you feel if you got that itty bitty trophy??


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Girls in clubs always get slutty

March 21st, 2009 (Posted bY )

Some people think the only time you find girls flashing the happy bumps and love basket is on Spring Break during a wet t-shirt contest gone really off track, but that isn’t the case.  If you mix hot girls, alcohol, music – preferably heavy bass or trance music – a lot of sexual tension, and an underlying sluttiness you get good times.  Look at these girl showing off their goods in order to get some much needed attention and provide solid wank bank material for all those that will admire their images at a later date.


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Fun girls to party with

March 18th, 2009 (Posted bY )

If you are going to go out to the bars and clubs you need to find some ladies so you don’t have to worry about any lines.  Now this may sound easy, but the more whorish the girls the fast the line moves for you.  Take these girls below.  They really go the extra mile to look slutty.  You have skimpy clothing, no bra, girl on girl kissing, ass flashing, and of course showing off the melons for all he admire.


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